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Why us?

-Traffic allocation for broadcast room

The platform will assign you to the right people based on your style, providing VJ more traffic.

-Stay flexible

VJ are allowed to stream whenever they want, no restriction for streaming time.

-Activity support

Platform has various activity or offers for users, attracting more traffic for VJs

VJ Requirements:

1. Responsible for the entertainment live broadcast of the company's platform application (chat interaction)

2. Good image and temperament, lively, cheerful and optimistic character, can chat, age is limited to 18-30 years old

3. Live broadcast requirements: Actively interact with fans, strong adaptability, articulate, good at creating atmosphere and topics, strong language organization and expression ability.

4. Work location: unlimited #Noisy environment is strictly prohibited in the live room


1. Salary can be withdrawn from the background by yourself, gift commission up to 70%, the highest commission in the industry.

2. Each VJ has a stable promotion budget ,positioning support and resources every month (essentially give traffic support, so that anchors can easily earn more)

3. No other requirements, just work hard!

Note: Recruiting all VJ, freelance VJ , as long as you have the desire to make money, we will never let you down.

Product display:

How to use the application

PC version

Open browser, go to https://liveweb.vip/#/login

2.Open mobile application [ Anchor] with mobile phone.

3.After logging in to the mobile app, select Settings - Scan QR Code - Scan the code on the web page.

4.Setup the settings on the web page such as broadcast games, region, broadcast network route, broadcast room title.

5.After the setting is completed, obtain the live broadcast address - OBS sets the server and the streaming password to start the broadcast.

6.If you need any further assistance, kindly contact our staff.

Mobile version

1. Please open the live broadcast application and enter the platform ID, account number and password (if you have not registered an account, kindly contact our representative)

2. Clicking the uploading app will prompt whether to go live, please click "Allow all"

3. Start to set according to your broadcasting needs, select the game, avatar, region, filter, etc...

iOS Download Instructions

1. After opening the URL, the download description file will be displayed. Please click "Allow" and click to enter the device management. Click to open the "Description File" and then click "Install". It will prompt the user to enter the "mobile phone password". Click to install.

2. After the installation is complete, it will automatically return to the browser page. Please wait patiently for 5-10 seconds, and the installation app will pop up. Please click "Install". You can see the application "Installing" on the desktop. Please wait patiently for 30-50 seconds and the installation is complete.

Huawei mobile phone installation instructions

1. After downloading, a risk warning will appear, please don't worry, this application does not have any virus, please click "Ignore"

2. After installation, open application and "Trust this app"

3. Since 999 LIVE contains adult content, sensitive content will be detected in Huawei's own "Mobile Manager", please use it with confidence

How to solve MDM issues

1. Open "Settings" on the desktop, click "General", and then click "VPN and Device Management". At this step, you can see that other description files exist, please click "Remove".

2. Return to the Safari browser and refresh the page to download and install again

Installation instructions for other brands of mobile phones

1. Please go to "Settings" - "Security" before downloading」

2. Open "Unknown Sources" and execute "OK"

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